Stone Honeycomb Panel


Natural stone honeycomb panels are an advanced energy-saving and environmental-friendly building slab composed of an aluminum honeycomb backing and a stone veneer panel with a thickness of 1-10mm. The original surface material pieces are split into halves and sometimes thirds, then composited with other materials to significantly reduce weight, allow a large panel dimension and improve the stone strength.


  • Veneer panel: 1-10 mm stone
  • Backing: 5-20 mm aluminum honeycomb panel or FRP honeycomb panel
  • Total thickness: 6-30 mm
  • Size: 1600 * 3200 mm (limited by the size of stone l)
  • Adhesive: aviation grade epoxy resin in an exclusive formula, with an excellent freeze-thaw test performance and long service life in an outdoor environment
  • Interlocking clip: aluminum or stainless steel installed by a high-precision CNC process

    As a decorative material, natural stone is generally expensive, and has natural defects such as a heavy weight, unstable physical structure and color difference. However, Aluwedo’s natural stone honeycomb panel has some special advantages compared to traditional stone. Natural stone veneer on aluminum honeycomb panels increases the raw material usage area in practical applications, thus greatly cutting down the weight, reducing the color difference in the stone, improving the physical structure of the stone, and significantly increasing installation convenience through interlocking clips, which also widens the stone application scope, such as cladding in high rise buildings.


    Traditional Stone Slabs Stone Honeycomb Panels
    Weight Comparison 30mm Total thickness 75kg/㎡ weight 20mm Total thickness 15kg/㎡ weight
    Performance Comparison Unable to bend Bendable (pressing 30mm bent not crack)
    Installation Big expenditure Small expenditure (100yuan/㎡)
    Safety Performance Cracking in impact-resistant test Only with punctate cracking
    Material Availability Useful material output from one cubic 80-100㎡
    Maximum Size ≦600*600 Able to reach 1600*3200
    The core of stone honeycomb panel is done through both a composite process and the splitting process. With the combination of the two processes, a piece of standard 2cm thick stone can be split into two panels with a similar thickness, resulting in a stone composite panel with double the available area. Similarly, if a 3cm thick stone slab is split and composited, you can get four times the available area. Moreover, this process reduces color differences in the stone, saving the cost per square meter for middle-to-high-end stone materials because less stone is used. The light weight (about 20% of the original weight), heat insulation and soundproofing characteristics of the stone honeycomb panel assist in improving the environmental protection index and energy-saving indicator of buildings and improve noise pollution.


    The bendable natural stone honeycomb panel developed by Aluwedo consists of a 1-2 mm stone veneer panel and aluminum honeycomb backing. The special technology used in this panel has been awarded a national patent and continuously optimized in projects over the past few years. The current accuracy of finished bendable panels reach within millimeter tolerances.

    Compared with the traditional curved stone panels processed by cutting, the bendable stone panel has a larger surface, is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy to install, and more economical due to the reduced stone usage.
    The bendable natural stone honeycomb panels feature a wide application range. For stones with a low brittleness, the minimum bending radius is 600mm; for stones with a high brittleness, the minimum bending radius is generally 1000mm.


    Aluwedo offers more than one hundred different selections of natural stone panels, such as marble, granite, sandstone, quartz stone, artificial stone, and more, all of which are perfect for both interior and exterior applications.
    We also have corresponding adhesive formulations and composite processes for stones with different characteristics to reduce the scrap rate.


    Items Test Results Tested By Report Number
    Flatwise tensile strength Average value: 2.73MPa Minimum value: 2.56MPa CTC 2013102031
    Flatwise compressive 2.44MPa CTC 2013102031
    Flatwise compressive elastic modulus 122.4MPa CTC 2013102031
    Flatwise shear strength 1.16MPa CTC 2013102031
    Flatwise shear compressive 8.03MPa CTC 2013102031
    Flexural strength 138 5MPa CTC 2013102031
    Flexural rigidity 1.27*10^9N·mm/mm² CTC 2013102031
    Shearing rigidity 3.08*10^5N CTC 2013102031
    Climbing drum peel strength Average value: 106N·mm/mm Minimum value: 93N·mm/mm CTC 2013102031
    Bearing capacity of fittings 3.6kN CTC 2013102031
    Anti-freezing Appearance: no abnormalities average decrease percentage of flatwise adhesive strength: 12% CTC 2013102031
    Temperature difference resistance Appearance: no abnormalities average decrease percentage of of flexural rigidity : 16% CTC 2013102031
    Hot water resistance Appearance: no abnormalities average decrease percentage of flatwise adhesive strength: 11% CTC 2013102031


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