Aluwedo PVDF

KYNAR500 fluorocarbon guarantee 15 to 20 years exterior. A good Choice for exterior decoration of architectures and curtain wall decoration of major constructional projects that have high demand for weather resistance. 

Aluwedo FEVE

FEVE paint is good weather resistance up to 10-15 years guarantee and is distinguished from the PVDF fluorocarbon coating by features of brilliant colors which gloss finish up to 95%.

Aluwedo Spectra

Marble Vein, Wooden Vein, Silver Mirror, Golden Mirror, Stainless Steel Composite, Zinc Steel composite, Aluwedo has hundreds surface materials’ choosing for the special design required!

Aluwedo FR

The FR (Fire Retardant) type panel, on the other hand, contains an interior fire retardant core made of thermoplastic resins with mineral charge.

Aluwedo Brushed
Brushed Silver, Brushed Golden, Brushed Blue and Brushed Red, different appearance on the aluminum surface with the LDPE core. Make design more attractive and suitable for the digital and silk printing.
Aluwedo Digital

New solution for digital printing with a smooth flat surface, providing vastly improved ink adhesion, far better than standard PE coating. Digital can be machined after printing, with no cracks or damage to the surface.

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