Bamboo Charcoal Veneer

Bamboo Charcoal Veneer Panel Wood Grain|Fabric|Pure Color

MOQ:100 pcs
Lead Time:10-15 days
Material:bamboo wood+pvc film
Process: co-extrusion + thermal lamination
Application: interior ceiling & wall decoration for hotel, villas,restaurant, galleries,office, commercial spaces, etc

Why Bamboo Charcoal Veneer Panel

E0 Eco-friendly

Made of bamboo wood, environmentally friendly and formaldehyde free

B1 Non-combustible

high fire rating material

Water-proof & Damp-proof

suitable for dry & wet area

How to use?

Bamboo charcoal veneer panels are a popular choice for interior wall decoration. They make great background walls for dining rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, and can be paired with metal trims and LED light strips for a unique and elegant look. With over 100 colors to choose from, each home can have a different and personalized appearance.
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